Accelerating the Process

Occasionally the underwriting process can take a few months. There are several ways to avoid delays in the process.

Let's start with the application. Timing is everything, the faster you return it to us, the quicker we can start the process. In addition, a quick return of your application makes it more likely that you will get the premium rate you were originally quoted (although this is subject to underwriting and not guaranteed). The more time that goes by the higher risk you take in a change of health or the insurance company may raise their rates. Submitting your application promptly helps to steer clear of these events.

Equally important is the entirety of the application forms. Missing information can cause delays into the process. But you have the power to avoid this problem. Our applications are sent to you highlighted, tabbed, and include an instruction sheet to assist you. We are also available to offer assistance by email or telephone.

The paramedical exam should be schedule quickly. Do your best to avoid delays or cancellations unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are planning on traveling, get it done prior to your vacation. If you work 60 hours a week, allow yourself 30 minutes in the morning, on a lunch break or on a weekend. This can be the greatest time-saver in the entire process.

Last but not least, we have the additional requirements. Examples are physician's statements, additional tests such as the electrocardiogram and treadmill, and medical records. These will not apply to everyone, they will only occur in certain situations. However, these can be sources of long delays. If any of these are ordered, we will notify you. Your assistance in acquiring these is valued and encouraged. You can schedule any additional tests immediately and call your physician to accelerate records and statements.

If all the results come back positive, we will help you through the underwriting process and have you insured within four to six weeks.


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